Forms & Permits

Fee Schedule

Building Permit
All new construction, and any improvement over $2,000.00 requires a building permit. Permits are issued by All-Croix Inspections in Hudson. Visit their website, email the office,  or phone (715) 377-2152 for further building permit information.

Driveway Permit
Driveway permits are required for all driveways and are also issued by All-Croix Inspections. Application Form

Dog License Application Dogs are required to have a dog license. Rabies vaccination certificates are required before a license is issued.  $10 - male or female; $5-neutered male or spayed female. Dog license applications are mailed with property tax bills. They can also be downloaded here.

Lottery and Gaming Credit for Homeowners
CLICK HERE for more information on claiming the Lottery Credit

Burning Permits are available at the Recycling Center during regular recycling hours on Saturdays.
There is no charge for a burning permit.
Call dispatch before burning 715-246-6131  Link to DNR Current Fire Situation