NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR DISCONTINUANCE OF A PORTION OF 112TH STREET: TOWN OF RICHMOND,ST. CROIX COUNTYPlease take Notice that on April 13, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the Town of Richmond Hall, 1428 100th Street, New Richmond, WI 54017, the Town Board shall meet to consider the Application for Discontinuance of a portion of 112th Street that is unopened and unimproved lying South of the cul-de-sac located in the NW ¼ of the SW ¼ and part of the NE ¼ of the SW ¼ Section 21 Township 30 North and Range 18 West, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, described as follows:Part of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter and part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 21, Township 30 North, Range 18 West, Town of Richmond, being part of Lot 3 of Certified Survey Map Volume 13, Page 3717, Document No. 610046 and part of Lot 4 of Certified Survey Map Volume 19, Page 4842, Document No. 775562, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, described as follows:Beginning at the southeast corner Lot 3 of Certified Survey Map Volume 13 Page 3717, also being the southwest corner of said Lot 4, Certified Survey Map Volume 19 page 4842; thence N 89°50’08” W along the south line of Lot 3 distance of 33.00 feet; thence N 00°23’55” W a distance of 608.91 feet; thence along the arc of a curve, concave northwesterly, a distance of 111.59 feet, said curve having a radius of 80.00 feet and a chord which bears N 39°33’43” E a distance of 102.76 feet; thence S 00°23’55” E a distance of 688.32 feet; thence N 89°50’08” W along the south line of said Lot 4 a distance of 33.00 feet to the point of beginning. The right-of-way on the former 112th St. currently provides public access to the Ten Mile Creek Wildlife Area. READ FULL APPLICATION HERE

Drinking Water Screening Clinics Announced for 2023

St. Croix County will hold five separate drinking water screening clinics in 2023. The free events are to test well water for nitrate levels. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of free well water screening clinics by bringing in 8 ounce samples of well water in a closed container, preferably glass, collected within 24 hours of the event. This years event dates and locations are:

  • Saturday April 22nd – River Falls – Earth Fest 2023 – Glen Park, 361 W Park St.
  • Wednesday June 14th – Baldwin – Ag Service Center – 1960 8th Ave
  • Wednesday July 12th – Hammond Town Hall – 1816 County Road E, Hammond
  • Wednesday August 16th – Warren Town Hall – 720 112th St., Roberts
  • Wednesday September 6th – St. Croix County Services Center – 1752 Dorest Lane, New Richmond

For more information contact Adam Meade, Water Resources & Outreach Specialist
[email protected] or call 715-381-4933