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Resolution 2024-01 Reaffirming Sanitary District



WHEREAS, based on available information and belief in 1969 the Richmond Sanitary District #1 was created by action of the Town of Richmond Town Board in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes as a Town Sanitary District; and

WHEREAS, the Richmond Sanitary District #1 has served the community since its establishment and has been recognized by the Town of Richmond, County of St. Croix and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources since that time, contributing to the well-being and wastewater needs of the District; and

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that:

  • the Town of Richmond Board affirms that since the district’s establishment no action has been taken to abolish the Richmond Sanitary District #1 and recognizes its existence as body corporate under Wisconsin law.
  • the Commission of Richmond Sanitary District #1 is granted the authority, powers and duties as provided by Wisconsin law.
  • the Town of Richmond Board expresses its continued support for the Richmond Sanitary District #1 in its mission to maintain and improve sanitation within the town.

Introduced and adopted on February 8, 2024.



The undersigned Clerk does hereby certify that the foregoing Resolution No. 2024-01 was duly enacted by all members of the Town Board of the Town of Richmond, St. Croix County, Wisconsin, at a duly noticed meeting held on the 8th day of February, 2024, in accordance with applicable law.

Dated: 2/8/2024

Attest: Patrick Earley , Town Clerk

Town of Richmond, St. Croix County